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Examination results for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent Published at 10:30 p.m. on July 28, 2023. This time, more students in Bangladesh have taken the SSC exam. The Bangladesh Education Board will produce results this time by holding numerous events. The pass rate will be higher this time compared to previous years because they are confident in the student, according to Bangladeshi news. Bangladeshi students consistently achieve high marks and are very talented. 2023 SSC Results Every student is hoping for a successful outcome.

One of the most important public exams in Bangladesh is the SSC Exam. It is necessary to be understanding that the SSC is Bangladesh’s middle-level public examination. On April 30, 2023, the authority under Bangladesh Education Board began the exam. The SSC and equivalent exams are administered by the Ministry of Education.

SSC Result 2023 – Education Board Result

SSC Results will be released on July 28, 2023. Exams at the secondary school level are taken by a sizable number of students. 20,72,163 students from various centers displayed up for the exam. There were 3,412 or more testing locations. Boys students made up 10,23,212 of them, while girls students made up 10,08,687 of them. Therefore, there are 14,525 more boys than girls who show up for the school-level exam. The Results Will Be Published by the Authority on July 28, 2023. Inform The News senior officer from the Ministry of Education. The outcome will be released after 10:00 PM.


More education boards exist in Bangladesh, including the Jessore Education Board, the Dhaka Education Board, the Barisal Education Board, the Rajshahi Education Board, the Chittagong Education Board, the Dinajpur Education Board, the Sylhet Education Board, the Mymensingh Education Board, and the Comilla Education Board. The outcome will be released that day. Our website makes it simple for you to access SSC results. According to Bangladeshi news, this year’s classes did not go well because the students were unable to attend due to various issues.

ssc result 2023 sample

But 2,45,286 more students took the exam than the year before. However, Ten Education Board Bangladesh conducted the exam. 2,89,752 students attend classes from the Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board (BMEB), 16,27,378 students attend classes from the General Education Board, and 1,14,769 students attend classes from the Bangladesh Technical Education Board. However, 458 international students attend.

SSC Result 2023 Marksheet With Number

Do you want your SSC grade report for 2023? So, keep an eye on Many students don’t know how to access their results or marksheets with numbers. As a result, we provide a link to the Bangladesh Secondary and Higher Secondary Board’s official website. You can view your score along with your grade here. In the SSC exam results with Marksheet and number, you can see the marks you earned in each subject.

SSC Examination Info:

Name of the ExamSecondary School Certificate (SSC)
SSC Exam Start:30th April 2023
SSC Result Published28th July 2023 at 10:00 PM
Total Boards11 Education Boards
Total Candidates20,72,173
Passing Rate80.39%

SSC 2023 Result Published Date

The 2023 SSC exam begins on April 31 and runs through May 28. The SSC Result 2023 is estimated to be made public on July 28 or 29. Because the Ministry of Education has already declared that the SSC exam result will be announced within the last day of the exam, the waiting list of students will finally be reduced. Therefore, all students can relax knowing that the SSC exam results will be made public on July 28.

In Bangladesh, there are nine general education boards: Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Sylhet, Mymensingh, Barisal, Jessore, Comilla, and Dinajpur. There are also two specialized boards: one for technical education and the other for madrasa education. SSC exams were administered by 11 educational boards in 2023. A total of 20 lakh 72 thousand 170 students took the test. which 3883 Bangladeshi educational institutions currently hold. Therefore, it is anticipated that all of the country’s educational boards will release their results on the same day. According to Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni, the country’s SSC and Dakhil exam results will likely be released on July 28, 2023.

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SSC Exam Result 2023 । Check Online with full marksheet

How To Check Online SSC Result 2023?

  • Visit the resulting website:
  • Select the exam SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent.
  • Select the Exam year 2023.
  • After selecting that select Your Board.
  • Type your roll number and registration.
  • Solve the math in the empty box below this.
  • Finally, click on the submit button.

How to get All Education Board Result by Mobile SMS?

Type Exams year “2023 and then your roll number “123456 and send it to 16222.

An example: SSC<space> Board <space> 321563<space> 2023 to 16222.

Keywords for Education Board

Board NameSMS Short Code

Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2023

ssc result mymensingh board
ssc result mymensingh board

The Mymensingh Education Board is prepared to publish the SSC equivalent exam results through their official website. Using their roll number and registration number, all students can access the GPA point table. After being founded in 2017, the Mymensingh Education Board gradually gained popularity, reaching a popularity peak in 2023 when nearly three lakh students took their SSC exams. The secondary school diploma is very important, and this year’s SSC exam was conducted very well. Students from all boards shouldn’t worry because the results will be officially announced on July 28, 2023, and then made available online. The good news of the day is that the results will be made public online 45 days after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced them on July 28, 2023. Read More

mymensingh education board ssc result
mymensingh education board ssc result

SSC Result 2023 Dhaka Education Board

More students in the Dhaka Board of Education took the SSC exam this year, and they are hoping for high results. It is hoped that this year’s results will be better than last year’s. SSC Result 2023 Dhaka Board organized a lot to publish the results. The Dhaka Board has a higher pass percentage each year, according to the Bangladesh Board of Education, and they anticipate the same thing to happen this year. According to Bangladesh’s Prime Minister, the SSC Result 2023 will be released by the Bangladesh Board of Education.

The good news for all students, according to the education minister of Bangladesh, is that their results would be good. More deserving students are enrolled in Dhaka Education Board. They brighten the face of the country and get good result. This year they are hoping for better results than other board.

SSC Result 2023 Jessore Education Board

The Jessore Education Board has held the SSC exam and has more students. The education minister for Bangladesh shared the positive outlook that Jessore students would do well in their exams this year as well. 2023 SSC Results Under Jessore Board, there are additional centers. In those centers, the SSC examination has been held. 2023 SSC Results It is very simple to find out the Jessore Board results.

There is a link to our website at if you would like to visit it. Utilize the roll number and registration number to find the result. The SSC test is governed by numerous policies from the Bangladesh Board of Education. On the official website, you can find out more.

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SSC Result 2023 Chittagong Education Board

The most well-known board in Bangladesh is the Chittagong Board of Education. More students than usual registered to take the Chittagong Board of Education’s SSC exam this year. The students of the Chittagong Board of Education believe that this year’s results will be better than those from previous years.

Visit to learn everything there is to know about SSC Results. The Chittagong Board of Education has stated that it is extremely simple to find out the SSC result for 2023. As soon as they are released, this page will have the SSC results. If you want to see a lot of information provided, you may visit our website. It is extremely simple to find the SSC Result 2023 Chittagong Board.

SSC Result 2023 Rajshahi Education Board

In a few days, the Rajshahi Board of Education’s SSC test results will be released. SSC exam results are easily accessible at All students in the nation are waiting for the SSC exam results in the hopes that they would receive good grades.

2023 SSC Results The Rajshahi Board of Education exam was taken by a large number of boys and girls. Every year, the SSC examination is held by the Bangladeshi Minister of Education. SSC exams are a blessing for them. The SSC test results from the Rajshahi Board of Education are consistently good.

SSC Result 2023 Sylhet Education Board

Under the Sylhet Board of Education, more boys and girls have taken the SSC exams, and it is hoped that they would do well. All students will receive their SSC results in 2023 along with their roll numbers and registration numbers. The Sylhet Board of Education will continue to produce excellent results, according to the education minister of Bangladesh.

The pass rate increases every year, and Sylhet pupils are exceptionally gifted. They achieve good results. If you would like, you can view the outcomes in a beautiful way right from our website.

SSC Result 2023 Dinajpur Education Board

The process of getting the SSC results released in the Dinajpur Education Board has begun. More students took SSC exams this year through the Dinajpur Board. According to the education minister of Bangladesh, the Dinajpur Education Board has a large number of students who excel each year and enhance the nation’s appearance.

Dinajpur Board of Education consistently outperforms all other boards. 2023 SSC Results To find out the outcome, visit the official website. SSC exam results are simple to obtain.

SSC Result 2023 Barisal Education Board

The Barisal Board of Education reports that more students have registered for the SSC exam this year. The majority of 2023’s students are SSC candidates. There are numerous students at the Barisal Board of Education, and they perform well. If you’d like, you can quickly obtain your SSC results from our website.

The Barisal Board of Education announced that it anticipates the pass rate to be the highest it has ever been. The SSC examination 2023 was conducted in all of the Barisal Board centers in a very beautiful manner, according to the Bangladeshi news. Get the SSC Exam 2023 result and score report.

Comilla Education Board SSC Result 2023

The SSC exam results across the board are more significant. The Comilla Education Board’s results are important in Bangladesh because a large number of students take the SSC under this board’s auspices. On July 28, 2023, at 12 p.m., all educational board SSC exam results 2023 will be released. The Comilla board, also known as the “short name of Comilla” board, also released the SSC exam results for 2023.

The SSC exam results for Bangladeshi institutions established in the Comilla zone will be published by the Comilla board in 2023. You can access the SSC Exam Results for Bangladesh at

SSC Results 2022 Pass Percentage Board of Education

Board Name:Pass Rate:
Dhaka Board95%
Chittagong Board97%
Comilla Board94%
Barisal Board93%
Jessore Board92%
Rajshahi Board96%
Sylhet Board91%
Dinajpur Board97%
Madrasah Board90%
Technical Board94%

SSC Re-scrutiny Application 2023

Any student may request a re-examination if they have concerns about the outcome. The day following the results’ publication, the review application will begin. A week will pass as it continues. On each Education Board’s website, there are detailed instructions available.

One or more subjects may be the subject of the application. Students must submit their applications using a Teletalk pre-paid SIM. There will be separate fees for each subject.

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