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SSC Exam Result 2024 has been Published Now. At 10:00 am, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the results at her official house, Ganabhaban. She has received the results prior to that. The minister of education present the findings at a press conference later. Exams for the SSC and its equivalent began on February 15 of this year. It is customary to release the exam results sixty days after the test.

SSC Result 2024

The Dhaka Board SSC 2024 Result and Marksheet are now available. In the Secondary School Certificate examinations this year, Dhaka Board students outperformed students from other regions of the nation. A little over 36% of pupils attending Dhaka Board schools had the highest Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5. On the other hand, only over 17% of Americans have a GPA of 5. Education board statistics shows that 32,030 students out of 89,524 SSC candidates in Dhaka had a GPA of 5, while 2,33,763 students nationwide had a GPA of 5 out of 13,99,571 students. Roughly six percent of the SSC candidates countrywide were from Dhaka city. The official website,, is where you can find the Dhaka Board results.

SSC Exam Result 2024

A public exam result for Bangladesh is the SSC Result Bangladesh. As of right now, Bangladesh’s first examination result is available to the public. Prior to being cancelled, public JSC and PSC tests were held. Because of this, the SSC and its equivalent exams are the first exams that are open to the public. It is currently Bangladesh’s largest public examination. The Secondary School Certificate Examination is the name given to it. After finishing their coursework in classes nine and ten, students take this exam. Participating in the SSC test were students from nine general education boards in Bangladesh. Additionally, students from two special education boards take part in the SSC equivalent exam. The SSC was attended by students from the Education Boards of Dhaka, Comilla, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Dinajpur, Sylhet, Jessore, Barisal, and Mymensingh.

How to check Result By Online

Education Board Bangladesh created a different server with four new categories to check the results of the public exam. Individual, Institution, District-Wise, and Center-wise results are the available new categories.

  1. Please visit Educationboardsresult
  2. Then verify your results for any Education Board BD, you can choose any method.
  3. Select SSC/Dakhil as the examination type.
  4. Select the name of your respective Education Board from the supplied list.
  5. Put in your registration number and SSC roll number
  6. Choose the year of SSC graduation. Make sure you are a human. Send in the data to get your findings.

SSC Result By SMS

SMS system for SSC result 2024: Obtaining the SSC result 2024 from your phone is quite simple. Thus, you can simply use your smartphone at home to access your SSC result.

SMS system for the Dhaka Board SSC result in 2024: SSC DHA ROLL YEAR & SEND TO 16222 SSC DHA 890056 2024 SEND TO 16222

SMS system for the Barishal Board SSC result in 2024: SSC BAR ROLL YEAR & SEND TO 16222 SSC BAR 893456 2024 SEND TO 16222

Chittagong Board SSC result for 2024: SSC CHI ROLL YEAR & SEND TO 16222 SSC CHI 663456 2024 SEND TO 16222

Text message system for Cumilla Board SSC result 2024: SSC CUM ROLL YEAR & SEND TO 16222 SSC CUM 893456 2024 SEND TO 16222

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